Professional Work - Low Cost

Enjoy industry grade publications in Full High Definition (FHD) with competitive pricing around the Sunshine Coast. We'll work with you as a team, from script to screen.

Our experience as a production team has found many people and businesses approach us with only a concept or very limited exposure to the video industry. Sunset AV aims to ensure that our clients are comfortable in sharing their concepts, during the recording process and infront of the camera, and are happy with their final product.

Why video production?

Be heard

As video promotions and advertising can be found on websites, TV, cinema screens, YouTube and other sharing platforms, they engage the largest demographics possible through the largest to the smallest of screens.

Share your story

Using cinematic techniques, customised animations and other media assets, express your views and share your story susinctly and directly with the audience.

See the results

Attract more business or gain the attention of the community and experience the overwhelmingly positive impact towards your company.

Scripting is a vital process for any production. From the beginning, we work closely with you throughout this phase to transform your ideas to a detailed plan on paper.

Need it be a screenplay, shooting script or storyboard, our team can create and edit to your needs.

  • Fade In
  • Jack rummages through his backpack to find the canister of water.
  • JACK (V.O.)
  • Right now, this is probably isn't my best moment, but things change.
  • Jack drinks out of canister spilling some on face. The water is dirty.
  • JACK (V.O.)
  • See, I wasn't cut out for this lifestyle. All I knew was my white collar.
  • Jack gets up, whips the tent door away and disappears.
  • JACK (V.O.)
  • But now this. Let me take you back though, to when times were more...'civilised'...

Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities... much more so than music or language.

Conrad Hall / Cinematographer

During this crucial phase, we take time to appreciate the individual needs and thus empowering the client. Through careful facilitation and communication, we produce the best image for your business.

Keeping to modern times, Sunset AV employs the use of cinematic images to engage the audience. Attention to detail helps us convey your intended message to the audience.

The post production process involves hours of digitally shaping footage to turn the raw camera data into the final product which your audience receieve.

The raw camera footage is dull, unsharpened and little contrasted. Through colour grading, we can achieve the exact look you want by transforming the raw, detail retaining shots into the cinematic feel you want.

We can publish the final media for all your needs. Whether it be YouTube for subscribing audiences, Vimeo for less compression, HTML-5 directly for your website or another custom need, our large range of formats will ensure your needs are met.